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Prompt list for the twenty-first Older Not Dead Promptathon

Posted by nakeisha on 01.08.2015 at 11:14
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Firstly, thank you to those of you who submitted prompts for our twenty-first promptathon.

Secondly, I am sorry but I have had to leave out quite a few prompts this time. I have asked nicely, I have pleaded, I have laid out clearly how prompts should be submitted. I have also warned more than once that prompts which are not submitted in the correct way will not be included as I do not have the time or desire to change commas to full-stops, etc. Thus, I have remained firm and any prompts which were not submitted in the requested way I have omitted. I'm sorry, but I have made it so clear over time.

Thirdly, again I'm sorry but I have also had to exclude some prompts simply because they did not contain the words 'Remember when' or any form of the word 'remember'. The challenge was 'Remember When . . . ?' and I did say that prompts should begin with the words 'Remember when'. I have permitted the ones that at least contained 'remember in some form'. However, any prompt that didn't include 'remember' at all I have had to exclude - just as I would have excluded any prompts that didn't include a colour for the 'colour' promptathon or some kind of weather for the 'weather' promptathon. Again, I am sorry. However, a theme is a theme.

If I haven't included your prompts, please don't comment or PM me - I have explained why.

All prompts are behind the cut.


Heyes/Curry. Remember when I lost your gun in a poker game
Heyes/Curry. Remember when we stopped looking over our shoulders


Bruce Wayne/Alfred Pennyworth. Remember that first night I came in from a fight and you were still waiting up for me?
Bruce Wayne/Alfred Pennyworth. Remember when you first brought me breakfast in bed?


Angel/Spike. Remember when we thought it was hard to love?
Angel/Spike. Remember when we thought the fun part was destroying the world?


Mac/Danny/Don. Remembering when Don was asked to join as a third partner


Mickey Mouse/Walt Disney. Remember when I first showed up on your pad?


Martha/Jack. Remember when we were strangers
Martha/Jack. Remember when you found me


Bob/Caroline. Remember when we were alive.

Fraser/Kowalski. Remember when we fell into that ice crevasse.

Fraser/Victoria. Remember when you hoped for a second chance.

RayV/RayK. Remember when you worked with Fraser?

Fraser/?. Remember when you saved my life?


Blanche Deveraux/Dorothy Zbornak. Remember when you first told me you love me?


Joe/Billy. Remember when fame hadn't fucked things up for us yet.


Danny/Kono. Remember when my zipper was stuck
Danny/Kono. Remember when we jumped together


Joe Dawson/Amanda Darieux. Remember when we laughed

Joe Dawson/ ?. Remember when I cried


Jareth/Sarah Williams. Remember when you first told me you'd never love me?


Chris/Buck. Remember when you lied to my face

?/?. Remember when the West was really wild


Kaidan Alenko/male Shepard. Remember when we celebrated our first Christmas ?
Kaidan Alenko/male Shepard. Remember when you first met my mother?
Kaidan Alenko/male Shepard. Remember when you visited me in the hospital?


Chris/Amy. Remember when I almost married your sister.


Adrian Monk/Natalie Teeger. Remember when we danced

Randy Disher/Natalie Teeger. Remember when we kissed


George Crabtree/Emily Grace. Remember when we realized it wasn’t meant to be

William Murdoch/?. Remember when we saw fireworks


DiNozzo/McGee. Do you remember when we met for the first time?

DiNozzo/Palmer. Do you remember when the team found out about us?

Gibbs/Ducky. Remember when I stitched you up that time.

Gibbs/McGee. Do you remember our wedding?

Jenny/Ziva. Remember when we first met


Archie/Lily. Remember when we crashed that party

Wolfe/Archie. Remember when you got food poisoning


Al/Donna. Remember when we worried about breaking his heart?

Sam/Al. Remember when I asked if you wanted to quit?


Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom. Remember when we played Pirates together?


Cody/Nick. Remember when a broken nose didn't hurt so much

?/?. Remember when the Mimi took her last flight


Holmes/Watson. Remember when we received the news about Mycroft
Holmes/Watson. Remember when you thought I was dead (no, the other time)


Geoffrey/Ellen. Remember when you promised this would never happen again?

?/?. Remember when the costume closet caught on fire on tech night?
?/?. Remember when we did this for fun?


Nyota Uhura/Montgomery Scott. Remember when I broke your heart
Nyota Uhura/Montgomery Scott. Remember when I surprised you


?/?. Remembering the first time through the gate to Atlantis


Starsky/Hutch. Remember when you made lieutenant

?/?. Remember when The Pits closed down


Joe & Barry & Iris. Remembering the memories when Barry lived with Joe & Iris as a child


Jake Stone/Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones. Remember when we lost her
Jake Stone/Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones. Remember when this all started
Jake Stone/Cassandra Cillian/Ezekiel Jones. Remember when we held each other through the night.


Chris Larabee/Vin Tanner. Remember when I didn't ride away?

Josiah Sanchez/Nathan Jackson. Remember when I was looking for balance?


Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr. Remember when we thought teaching five new mutants was difficult?
Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr. Remember when you first died in my arms?

Logan/Jubilation Lee. Remember when I first told you I'm a loner?


Martha Jones/Burton Guster. Remember when I told you I worked for the government...
Martha Jones/Burton Guster. Remember when we met.


?. ?/?. Remember when I was lost.
?. ?/?. 'Remember when I moved in you, And the holy dove was moving too, And every breath we drew was Hallelujah'-Jeffery Buckley (Leonard Cohen cover)
?. ?/?. Remember when I returned to you?
?. ?/?. Remember when I walked away from you telling you it was for your own good?
?. ?/?. 'Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even'- Horace
?. ?/?. Remember when our first was born?
?. ?/?. Remember when we admitted for the first time what we loved one another?
?. ?/?. Remember when we almost killed each other
?. ?/?. Remember when we got married?
?. ?/?. Remember when we fell in love?
?. ?/?. Remember when we first met?
?. ?/?. Remember when we stole that kiss?
?. ?/?. Remember when we walked in the rain?
?. ?/?. Remember when we were kicked out of the movie theatre.
?. ?/?. Remember when we were trapped in an elevator together.
?. ?/?. Remember when you almost died?
?. ?/?. Remember when you first believed in me?
?. ?/?. Remember when you first kissed me?
?. ?/?. Remember when you held me all night?
?. ?/?. Remember when you said 'I do'?
?. ?/?. Remember when you told me about your childhood?
?. ?/?. Remember when you told me you could never love me?
?. ?/?. Remember when you told me you loved me?
?. ?/?. Remember when you walked away from me?

A few general points:

  • Remember: The whole point of this Community is that it is 'Love for the over 40s'. Therefore it it imperative that EACH half of the pairing is 40+ in the story - it doesn't matter if they are 20, 30 or 45 in canon. in the story/piece of artwork they MUST be at least 40.

  • The prompts are broken down firstly by fandom and then into blocks within the fandom of specific pairings and no pairing/one half of the pairing and just prompts.

  • Where a pairing and a prompt is given you must use that pairing with the prompt.

  • Where only a prompt is given, you can use any pairing within the fandom.

  • What you cannot do is to take a prompt from one fandom and use it for another. The prompt must be used within the specific fandom; and if a pairing is listed for that specific pairing.

  • The prompts under 'Any Fandom & Any Pairing' are just that. They don't have to be a fandom already listed; they can be any fandom at all.

  • You can write as many stories/produce as many pieces of artwork as you wish. There are no limits. And the same prompt can be used by multiple people - you do not have to claim a prompt. Just select the one(s) you like and write/make graphics.

  • The theme of this twenty-first promptathon is 'Remember When . . . ?'.

  • This promptathon begins on 1st August and runs for the entire month of August.

  • Posting guidelines can be found here.

    We look forward to the stories/artwork.

    Happy writing and graphic-making!!!

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