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Prompt list for the thirty-fourth Older Not Dead Promptathon

Thank you for the submitted prompts for our thirty-fourth promptathon. Sadly, yet again we had very few indeed. I have added a handful of fandom/pairing free prompts, but the list of prompts is very short.

I think it's time to give serious thought to the future of this community and whether it is still viable or even desired any longer. I wouldn't delete the comm and all the prompts would still be available for use. But maybe it's time to end the four-times-a-year new promptathons. It's been great fun, but maybe the time has come to call it quits on new promptathons. I'll ponder it more.

Fraser/RayK. RayK is a liar.

Ray/Ray. RayV finally tells RayK the truth about what happened to his GTO.

Fraser/?. Truth or Dare.

?. ?/?. Do you really want to know the truth?
?. ?/?. Don't lie to me.
?. ?/?. Just tell the truth.
?. ?/?. Lie to me.
?. ?/?. Lies damned lies and statistics
?. ?/?. Little white lies.
?. ?/?. Sometimes a lie is kinder than the truth.
?. ?/?. The truth hurts.
?. ?/?. The truth will set you free.
?. ?/?. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A few general points:

  • Remember: The whole point of this Community is that it is 'Love for the over 40s'. Therefore it it imperative that EACH half of the pairing is 40+ in the story - it doesn't matter if they are 20, 30 or 45 in canon. in the story/piece of artwork they MUST be at least 40.

  • The prompts are broken down firstly by fandom and then into blocks within the fandom of specific pairings and no pairing/one half of the pairing and just prompts.

  • Where a pairing and a prompt is given you must use that pairing with the prompt.

  • Where only a prompt is given, you can use any pairing within the fandom.

  • What you may not do is to take a prompt from one fandom and use it for another. The prompt must be used within the specific fandom; and if a pairing is listed for that specific pairing.

  • The prompts under 'Any Fandom & Any Pairing' are just that. They don't have to be a fandom already listed; they can be any fandom at all.

  • You may write as many stories/produce as many pieces of artwork as you wish. There are no limits. And the same prompt can be used by multiple people - you do not have to claim a prompt. Just select the one(s) you like and write/make graphics.

  • The theme of this thirty-third promptathon is 'Summer'.

  • This promptathon begins on 1st of August and runs for the entire month of August.

  • Posting guidelines can be found here.

  • Previous prompts may not be used during the current promptathon. They will be available (along with the prompts from this promptathon) next month.

    We look forward to the stories/artwork.

    Happy writing and graphic-making!!!
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