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Prompt list for the seventh Older Not Dead Promptathon

Thank you to those of you who submitted prompts for our seventh promptathon.

In all we have forty-two fandoms represented. Within those fandoms we have a variety of pairings, as well as non-pairing specific prompts, and also a few non-fandom/pairing specific prompts.

You may notice that I haven't used or have had to amend slightly some of the prompts. This comm is a 'Love for the over 40s' comm, and is for slash or het pairings, not gen. Thus where the prompt was & I haven't used it at all and if it was / or & for the couple I have just used the /


Michael/?. Recovering after Moffet blows up the test site.


Milo/Rick. A change of diet.
Milo/Rick. A gunshot.
Milo/Rick. Cutting back on alcohol.
Milo/Rick. Aging together.
Milo/Rick. Alex dies.
Milo/Rick. Diets never last.
Milo/Rick. Doctors are real brats when they're sick.
Milo/Rick. Exercise is for the sadistic.
Milo/Rick. Homophobia.
Milo/Rick. Medical celibacy.
Milo/Rick. Mother is sick.
Milo/Rick. MPREG
Milo/Rick. Paternal urge.
Milo/Rick. Worried sick.

?/?. Recovery.
?/?. Thought processes.
?/?. Time heals all wounds.


Heyes/Curry. After the amnesty
Heyes/Curry. Strike it rich

Curry/?. Curry is good with his gun

Heyes/?. Heyes is good at puzzles

?/?. Which side of the law are we on?
?/?. "You don't even speak South American"


Salieri/Mozart. "I can't help but want you."


Adama/Roslin. Pain and relief.


Adam/?. A new love interest
Adam/?. Big brother is tired
Adam/?. Health and wealth

Ben/?. Dealing with unruly sons
Ben/?. Even dads get lonely
Ben/?. Sick children

Hoss/?. A long journey
Hoss/?. Big men need big love

Little Joe/?. Baby brothers
Little Joe/?. Responsibility


Carl/Shirley. Headache.


Castle/Beckett. Cold
Castle/Beckett. Gunshot
Castle/Beckett. More than just a job


Morgan/Garcia. Morgan and Garcia try to have a child, only to learn that Penelope is unable to conceive.

Morgan/Reid. For once. It's Morgan who's in danger, but the team can't save him in time and Morgan is severely wounded.

Reid/Hotch. Hotch's son gets the Chicken Pox. And Reid's perfect memory fails to remind him that he never had it or got vaccinated.

Spencer Reid/?. Schizophrenia.


Mac/Don/Danny. Honeymoon
Mac/Don/Danny. Poly marriage
Mac/Don/Danny. Someone dies and the other two have to find a way to go on without their partner.
Mac/Don/Danny. Someone is ill and the other two have to look after him


Nathan/Jack. Chance.
Nathan/Jack. Isolation.
Nathan/Jack. Never again.
Nathan/Jack. Scalpel.


Will/Emma. OCD


Doc/Chester. Surprises

Doc/Festus. Surprises

Doc/Matt. Secrets

Matt/Kitty. Too old for this sort of thing
Matt/Kitty. Unrequited love

Quint/Matt. Wandering man

Chester/?. It's all an act

Doc/?. Life or death struggle

Festus/?. It's all an act

Matt/?. A new love interest
Matt/?. Alcoholism

Quint/?. Half-breed

?/?. Drought
?/?. Railroads can be unhealthy
?/?. Sudden prosperity


Steve/Danny. Drug.
Steve/Danny. Phobia.


Blue/Manolito. Trail weary

Buck/Manolito. Ranching can be dangerous

John/Victoria. Respectability
John/Victoria. Secrets

Blue/?. Responsibility

Buck/?. Sickness sweeps the ranch
Buck/?. The new school

John/?. New love interest
John/?. Old dogs can learn new tricks

Manolito/?. Rogues must be fit

Victoria/?. Strength

?/?. Banditos come calling
?/?. The new bull


House/Wilson. AU for the episode 'Wilson'. What if Wilson had gotten complications from donating part of his liver?
House/Wilson. Wilson pulls him out of his most recent depression

Wilson/Thirteen. Wilson is attacked by a delusional patient.
Wilson/Thirteen. Wilson's antidepressants stop working, and when House's attempts to help fail. Thirteen steps in.


Caine/?. A sense of humour is essential to spiritual wellness
Caine/?. Meditations
Caine/?. Never saw this coming

?/?. Sudden prosperity


Elliot/Olivia. Olivia gets shot

Huang/Cragen. Don gets overwhelmed one night and binge drinks, causing him to develop alcohol poisoning. George finds him, unconscious, and takes him to the hospital/calls an ambulance.
Huang/Cragen. George and Don come out, only to find that IAB (both the NYPD's and the FBI's) aren't nearly as accepting as they hoped.
Huang/Cragen. Second chance
Huang/Cragen. Vulnerable

Huang/Stabler. Birthday disaster
Huang/Stabler. Fever
Huang/Stabler. George gets shot.
Huang/Stabler. George is attacked by a serial rapist/murderer and barely survives.
Huang/Stabler. PTSD


Pa/Ma. Parents have lives too
Pa/Ma. Vacations are needed for health

Laura/?. A new love interest
Laura/?. Fever and ague

Mary/?. New beginnings

?/?. New babies
?/?. New neighbours are unhealthy


?/?. Marriage vows.
?/?. Old school tie.
?/?. Shellshock.


Frank/Dan. "Can't you help a guy out?"

James/Juliet. Pain
James/Juliet. Taser

Locke/Kate. "You saved my life."

Jack/?. Doctor's Appointment


Charles/Margaret. Changing hormones.

Hawkeye/BJ. Dad died.
Hawkeye/BJ. Hawkeye's having an operation.
Hawkeye/BJ. He may not make it.
Hawkeye/BJ. In recovery.
Hawkeye/BJ. The autumn of our lives.

Hawkeye/Trapper. Repairing.
Hawkeye/Trapper. Reuniting for a bad reason.
Hawkeye/Trapper. Gunshot.
Hawkeye/Trapper. PTSD.
Hawkeye/Trapper. Too old for this.
Hawkeye/Trapper. Vows.


Roger Sterling. Hangover.

Roger/Don. Kiss

Roger/Joan. Baby

Roger/Pete. Advantage


Jack/Stephen. Doctor. can you save him.
Jack/Stephen. Prodigiously lucky, weren't we?


Arthur/Merlin. Blind.
Arthur/Merlin. Long live the king.
Arthur/Merlin. Magical wounds.


Ducky/Fornell. When Gibbs died.

Gibbs/DiNozzo. Gibbs on his deathbed
Gibbs/DiNozzo. Tony on his deathbed

Gibbs/Ducky. A massage will help.
Gibbs/Ducky. An anxious wait for test results.
Gibbs/Ducky. Annual physicals.
Gibbs/Ducky. Assaulted.
Gibbs/Ducky. Bastards, how could they do that to Ducky?
Gibbs/Ducky. Booby trap (Ducky is injured/wounded by a booby trapped body).
Gibbs/Ducky. Boss, come quickly. Ducky's collapsed.
Gibbs/Ducky. Boss, Ducky's not here. He called in sick today.
Gibbs/Ducky. Burst appendix.
Gibbs/Ducky. Car vs pedestrian.
Gibbs/Ducky. Celebrating their anniversary
Gibbs/Ducky. Chemo - will you still love me if I go bald?
Gibbs/Ducky. Doctors always make the worst patients.
Gibbs/Ducky. Doctor's orders!
Gibbs/Ducky. Don't be scared, I'm here.
Gibbs/Ducky. Don't die on me.
Gibbs/Ducky. Don't make a fuss.
Gibbs/Ducky. Ducky gets hurt
Gibbs/Ducky. Ducky suffers from PTSD following a major incident.
Gibbs/Ducky. Ducky's leg gives out causing a major fall/injury at a crime scene.
Gibbs/Ducky. Ducky's leg is causing him more and more pain.
Gibbs/Ducky. Exhaustion.
Gibbs/Ducky. Fever.
Gibbs/Ducky. Fit as a fiddle.
Gibbs/Ducky. Food poisoning.
Gibbs/Ducky. Getting older may not be much fun, but it's better than the alternative.
Gibbs/Ducky. Getting out of bed seems like too much effort.
Gibbs/Ducky. Gibbs gets hurt
Gibbs/Ducky. Gibbs, have you noticed how tired Ducky looks?
Gibbs/Ducky. He's very lucky.
Gibbs/Ducky. How much is too much?
Gibbs/Ducky. Hung over.
Gibbs/Ducky. I ache all over.
Gibbs/Ducky. I can't stand the pain.
Gibbs/Ducky. I feel fine.
Gibbs/Ducky. I most certainly will not stand aside!
Gibbs/Ducky. I think I'm going mad.
Gibbs/Ducky. I thought I'd lost you.
Gibbs/Ducky. I tripped and fell, It's as simple as that.
Gibbs/Ducky. I will always be here.
Gibbs/Ducky. I'm feeling a little off colour.
Gibbs/Ducky. I'm not getting any younger.
Gibbs/Ducky. I'm sorry, my dear, but I think I need a doctor.
Gibbs/Ducky. I'm staying 'till you're well. End of discussion.
Gibbs/Ducky. It will be good for us.
Gibbs/Ducky. It's always potentially dangerous if you're older.
Gibbs/Ducky. I've never felt better.
Gibbs/Ducky. Jethro hurts his back.
Gibbs/Ducky. Jethro, I'm afraid I need to go home.
Gibbs/Ducky. Jethro, I'm hurt. I need help.
Gibbs/Ducky. Just a bit dizzy.
Gibbs/Ducky. Just a bit tired.
Gibbs/Ducky. Just what the doctor ordered.
Gibbs/Ducky. Living will.
Gibbs/Ducky. Low calorie. low fat - more like low taste!
Gibbs/Ducky. Meniere's syndrome/disease.
Gibbs/Ducky. Migraines.
Gibbs/Ducky. Mumps!
Gibbs/Ducky. My head's going to explode!
Gibbs/Ducky. No more coffee.
Gibbs/Ducky. Old age my foot!
Gibbs/Ducky. Physio.
Gibbs/Ducky. Pneumonia.
Gibbs/Ducky. Prostate problems.
Gibbs/Ducky. Retribution (Ducky is hurt. beaten or tortured in some way by someone from Gibbs's past).
Gibbs/Ducky. Seasick.
Gibbs/Ducky. Shingles.
Gibbs/Ducky. Side effects.
Gibbs/Ducky. Take your medicine.
Gibbs/Ducky. Test results
Gibbs/Ducky. The bones will heal, the rest is up to you.
Gibbs/Ducky. The results must be wrong. who'd poison Ducky?
Gibbs/Ducky. Toothache.
Gibbs/Ducky. Trust me.
Gibbs/Ducky. Ups and downs.
Gibbs/Ducky. Wedding bells
Gibbs/Ducky. What's he doing in hospital?
Gibbs/Ducky. Why are you updating your will?
Gibbs/Ducky. Why has Ducky's limp gotten so bad?
Gibbs/Ducky. Wounded (Ducky is wounded protecting Jimmy at a scene)
Gibbs/Ducky. You're the best medicine.

Gibbs/Fornell. Death bed requests.
Gibbs/Fornell. Getting better.
Gibbs/Fornell. If you die on me, I'll kill you.
Gibbs/Fornell. It's only a broken arm.
Gibbs/Fornell. Just hold me.
Gibbs/Fornell. Let me help you.
Gibbs/Fornell. Shot too many times.
Gibbs/Fornell. Will he recover?
Gibbs/Fornell. You are sick.
Gibbs/Fornell. You will recover.

Gibbs/Jenny. Cold Paris nights
Gibbs/Jenny. If only he knew

Gibbs/McGee. After the wedding
Gibbs/McGee. Gibbs can get sick.
Gibbs/McGee. In sickness and in health.
Gibbs/McGee. Just lie still; you are going to make it.
Gibbs/McGee. McGee is ill and Gibbs has to look after him but he doesn't know how!

Kort/Jenny. Stand by me

Gibbs/?. Splinter


Helen Cutter. Work-out


Richard/Melrose. Chills.
Richard/Melrose. In the line of duty.
Richard/Melrose. Mental health.


Nick/Cody. Bald
Nick/Cody. Broken leg.
Nick/Cody. Cold
Nick/Cody. Death
Nick/Cody. How to heal hiccups.
Nick/Cody. Last words
Nick/Cody. Medic.
Nick/Cody. MPs.
Nick/Cody. PTSD.
Nick/Cody. Shootout.
Nick/Cody. Silver hair
Nick/Cody. Stranded
Nick/Cody. Suicide
Nick/Cody. The end of the world
Nick/Cody. Too old for this.
Nick/Cody. Wings
Nick/Cody. Wounded boat.
Nick/Cody. Wounded.

?/?. Fever.
?/?. Food poisoning.


John/Lestrade. Hospital food.

Sherlock/Lestrade. Opium.

Mycroft/Lestrade. "I can't be around sick people".
Mycroft/Lestrade. In sickness and in health and in your brother's intrusiveness.
Mycroft/Lestrade. "I can't be around sick people".
Mycroft/Lestrade. Overweight.
Mycroft/Lestrade. Phobias.
Mycroft/Lestrade. Still scared of vaccines.

Sherlock/Irene. Keeping bees together.

Lestrade/?. Annual physical.

Mycroft/?. Ricin poisoning.


Holmes/Watson. Addiction.
Holmes/Watson. Flashback.
Holmes/Watson. Repercussions.


John Cooper/Ceasar. Burning.
John Cooper/Ceasar. Detox.
John Cooper/Ceasar. Fireman.

John Cooper/Drug Dealer. Bad romance.
John Cooper/Drug Dealer. Fix me.


Starsky/Hutch. Addiction.
Starsky/Hutch. Angel
Starsky/Hutch. Bankruptcy
Starsky/Hutch. Blood donor.
Starsky/Hutch. Death
Starsky/Hutch. Deathbed.
Starsky/Hutch. Ghost
Starsky/Hutch. Plane crush
Starsky/Hutch. Postapocalyptic
Starsky/Hutch. Repercussions.
Starsky/Hutch. Vows.
Starsky/Hutch. World champion


Castiel/Balthazar. Doubt.
Castiel/Balthazar. I had blood on my face and you had blood in your eyes.
Castiel/Balthazar. Losing faith.
Castiel/Balthazar. Losing one's wings.
Castiel/Balthazar. "We may very well die tomorrow. you know?"

Supernatural. Fallen!Castiel/Blathazar. "This, my darling, is called a hangover."

Supernatural. Fallen!Castiel/Dean. Sexual education 101.


Napoleon/Illya. Amnesia
Napoleon/Illya. At the hospital.
Napoleon/Illya. Don't you dare die on me, Illya.
Napoleon/Illya. He needs peace and quiet
Napoleon/Illya. I told you we'd make it.
Napoleon/Illya. Luck got us this far
Napoleon/Illya. Mr. Waverly's dead.
Napoleon/Illya. Pain
Napoleon/Illya. Recovery will take some time.
Napoleon/Illya. Someone needs help, but doesn't ask


Patrick Jane/Madeline Hightower. Concussion

Patrick Jane/Sam Bosco. Reluctant nurse

Patrick Jane/?. Living with depression
Patrick Jane/?. Impotence


The Virginian/Clay. Responsibility

The Virginian/Trampas. The long trail drive

Trampas/?. A gamble pays off
Trampas/?. Learning the ropes

The Virginian/?. New love interest
The Virginian/?. Tragic illness

?/?. Stormy weather


Mulder/Scully. Fever
Mulder/Scully. Hospital


Rooster Cogburn/LaBoeuf. Dead of the night
Rooster Cogburn/LaBoeuf. LaBoeuf misses Mattie
Rooster Cogburn/LaBoeuf. trail gets cold in the winter


Hours/Sanguinius. Davin

WHEN I'M 64 (TV 2004)

Jim/Ray. Fever and hotels.


Dr.Lovelace/Jim. Old enemies

Jim/Artemus. Same shit, different day
Jim/Artemus. Tricks

Artemus/?. Not as drunk as you think I am

Jim/?. Health regimen of a spy

?/?. God knows what that thing is
?/?. The president is in danger


Sherlock (BBC)/Different For Girls (1996). Lestrade/Kim. Exercise.

Sherlock (BBC)/Wallander (BBC). Lestrade/Wallander. Diabetes.


?. ?/?. Broken bones
?. ?/?. Doctors don't know everything
?. ?/?. Here's to the future
?. ?/?. I'll wait here until you wake up
?. ?/?. Immortal
?. ?/?. Just take the damn pills
?. ?/?. Making a full recovery
?. ?/?. No one said it would be easy
?. ?/?. Physician heal thyself
?. ?/?. Together we can beat anything

A few general points:

  • Remember: The whole point of this Community is that it is 'Love for the over 40s'. Therefore it it imperative that EACH half of the pairing is 40+ in the story - it doesn't matter if they are 20, 30 or 45 in canon. in the story/piece of artwork they MUST be at least 40.

  • The prompts are broken down firstly by fandom and then into blocks within the fandom of specific pairings and no pairing/one half of the pairing and just prompts.

  • Where a pairing and a prompt is given you must use that pairing with the prompt.

  • Where only a prompt is given, you can use any pairing within the fandom.

  • What you cannot do is to take a prompt from one fandom and use it for another. The prompt must be used within the specific fandom; and if a pairing is listed for that specific pairing.

  • The prompts under 'Any Fandom & Any Pairing' are just that. They don't have to be a fandom already listed; they can be any fandom at all.

  • You can write as many stories/produce as many pieces of artwork as you wish. There are no limits. And the same prompt can be used by multiple people - you do not have to claim a prompt. Just select the one(s) you like and write/make graphics.

  • The theme of this seventh promptathon is 'In sickness and in health'.

  • This promptathon begins on 1st May 2011 and runs for the entire month of May.

  • Posting guidelines can be found here.

    We look forward to the stories/artwork.

    Happy writing and graphic-making!!!
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